City kids: Community partnerships, creative classes

This Model D article explores how different organizations are filling in the void left when the arts are pulled from the curriculum.

Mikel Bresee, Director for Community Arts Partnerships, was interviewed and photos were taken during our after school Photography program at Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies.

Click on the title link to read more, here are a few excerpts:

"A primary driver of Detroit’s art scene is the College for Creative Studies. The school provides arts education to more than 4000 Detroit students each year… ‘Our mission is to work in partnership with host organizations,’ says Mikel Bresee, director of community partnerships for CCS. ‘The first thing out of our mouths isn’t ‘this is what we do’ it’s ‘what are you guys looking for, what do you need for the kids in your school?’

'Tolerance for difference is different than an appreciation for difference,' Bresee says. 'In a good studio program where people are really being exposed to different approaches, you see that.'

'More than anything else, art education matters because art is what makes us human,' Bresee says. 'What's different between a chimpanzee and a human being? We make art. Art is how we transmit culture…how we envision what the world could be.'”

HFASCS Photography class

HFASCS Photography class