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DNAW students are working on a number of projects. The theme this year is “reimagining drawing and painting.”

Students are weaving two identical images together. Each image was
rendered in a different material, cut into a warp and a weft, and then
woven together.

Another project is the transparency paintings where students
deconstruct an image into layers. Students work from a photo and use
different materials to transfer parts of the image onto a layer of
acetate. Once the contours, highlights, and shadows are rendered , the
acetate is assembled to create the final image.

Students are also working on creating scratch board drawings. The
cover a paper with a heavy layer of crayon in a bright design. Once
this is complete , a coating of tempera paint and dish soap is painted
on top. Because of the wax and the dish soap in the paint, the paint
doesn’t hind with the paper, but rather sits in top of the crayon.
When dry, students scratch the image into the surface of the paint to
reveal the crayon underneath.

After these projects are completed, students will devise a plan for a
self directed project. They will create a sketch, meet with
instructors, and choose materials.

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The North East Guidance Center (NEGC) partnered with the Community Arts Partnerships (CAP) office at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) to produce a number of murals at their site. CAP faculty -Joye Opoku Ofei, KT Andresky, and Art Turner worked with local Middle School students to design and fabricate a series of mural panels that have been installed around the North east Guidance Center.

Students will work with professional artist/teacher Lynn Spanke.  Ms Spanke has a background in education, painting, drawing, and murals.  She will work with students to design and fabricate a series of mural panels painted on plywood panels to be installed in various locations.  Mural themes and images will be developed with students and principals at the facility.  Panels will be fabricated, painted, and installed to last as an indoor project.  Finished murals will have the look and feel of youth art.

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Students over at Bunche Elementary working on assignments for the Future Detroit project! The students conceptualize and design what they think will make a better Detroit.

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Outline drawing and a lot of painting! These students are getting busy!



DNAC (high school program) has a new time: 11am-2pm

We’re still at Detroit Community High School located at 12675 Burt Rd (2.5 blocks South of I-96 between Evergreen & Outer Drive)

DNAC = Detroit Neighborhood Arts Corps

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DNAW East takes place every Saturday from 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM!

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Our Cohort G - Future Cities (Future Detroit) classes are coming along well. With just a couple weeks left of Fall semester, 3D models are coming together in our programs across Detroit and the finishing touches are being added.


We hope to see YOU tomorrow at Detroit Community High School for the first Detroit Neighborhood Arts Corps (DNAC) class of the 2012-2013 academic year!

Saturdays from 9am-1pm

Detroit Community High School
12675 Burt Rd.
Detroit, MI 48223

For questions or more information, call CAP Assistant Director, Education & Outreach, Larry Lunsford at 313-664-1550

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Water color painting and 3D model building are some of the many techniques taught to the students that are in the process of constructing a 3 dimensional city of Detroit. Students first chose a building of their choice, which lead to a discussion of why they chose what they did and what else a city will need to function. They then began to create their cities using various materials.


The Fall 2012 DNAC (high school) program flier is out! Please feel free to share and distribute far and wide. We’re pumped about the new location (Detroit Community High School) and excited about the opportunities the new year brings!

Saturdays starting October 20th


Detroit Community High School
12675 Burt Road, Detroit

call Larry Lunsford for more info 313-664-1550