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Photo Set

New, bold print images from Detroit Neighborhood Arts Corps (DNAC)!

Photo Set

New Printmaking designs from DNAC! Great work!

Photo Set

The Detroit Neighborhood Arts Corps (DNAC) class worked on an Ideation project. Each starting with a general idea/topic which is explained further through related words and imagery, whose connections are shown by the layout by use of push pins and yarn.

Photo Set

New Printmaking designs with DNAC and instructors Erin Martinez and Adrianne Davis!

Photo Set

Print Making with Erin Martinez and DNAC!


DNAW EAST _ 10.29.2011 on Flickr.

Welcome back!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday break and we look forward to seeing you back in class tomorrow, Saturday, December 3rd!

DNAC @ CCS Taubman Center from 1-5pm

DNAW West @ Redford Branch Library 10:30-1pm

DNAW East @ Matrix
from 2-4:30pm