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Doodle of the week from a student in our program at Palmer Park Preparatory Academy in Detroit.

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The College for Creative Studies will be CLOSED from 5:00pm Friday, December 21st through 9:00am Wednesday, January 2nd. We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Holiday Break & Happy New Year!

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DNAC at Detroit Community High School

Saturdays from 11am-2pm

classes will resume Saturday, January 5th


CDTV - City of Dearborn Television is the official government access cable channel of the City of Dearborn. - Powered by LEIGHTRONIX PEG Central ®

Click the heading to view the 2 minute video.

The SURA Arts Academy from the Arab American National Museum toured Dearborn City Hall to give the students an opportunity to not only see the facility, but interview members of the staff about what their role is in keeping things running smoothly in the city. Some of the students’ photographs are featured in this news program. Officers are sworn in at the Dearborn Police Department.

SURA Arts Academy is a youth photography program run by the Arab American National Museum utilizing Community Arts Partnerships faculty designed to teach middle school students about culture using photography and video as their tool. For more information about SURA - visit

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Water color painting and 3D model building are some of the many techniques taught to the students that are in the process of constructing a 3 dimensional city of Detroit. Students first chose a building of their choice, which lead to a discussion of why they chose what they did and what else a city will need to function. They then began to create their cities using various materials.