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DNAC at Detroit Community High School

Saturdays from 11am-2pm

classes will resume Saturday, January 5th


CDTV - City of Dearborn Television is the official government access cable channel of the City of Dearborn. - Powered by LEIGHTRONIX PEG Central ®

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The SURA Arts Academy from the Arab American National Museum toured Dearborn City Hall to give the students an opportunity to not only see the facility, but interview members of the staff about what their role is in keeping things running smoothly in the city. Some of the students’ photographs are featured in this news program. Officers are sworn in at the Dearborn Police Department.

SURA Arts Academy is a youth photography program run by the Arab American National Museum utilizing Community Arts Partnerships faculty designed to teach middle school students about culture using photography and video as their tool. For more information about SURA - visit

Photo Set

Earth and Sky Repose, a community+public art:DETROIT project

A group of high school students are creating mosaic glass benches and glass &  stone sculptures that will be placed in the Christian Community Garden located in Detroit’s Northend Community. Other components included in the project are a dry stone river bed and stone cistern (reservoir). The project will sit upon a water collection system that will capture and direct rain water to the underground cistern.

Each Saturday in March, students are working in the ceramic studios at the College for Creative Studies (CCS). In April, they will begin working in the garden and participate in the construction of the dry river bed pavement, stone cistern, and the earthen berm (preparing it for planting). Students are working with a master stone mason, professional glass artist, multiple talented contractors, and other Northend youth.