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Photo Set

Here are some exciting plans for up and coming projects at the Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies school garden created by students in our after-school Art & Gardening class.


I would say its safe to say that we’re doing a good job. This surprise piece of artwork love was left in the time sheet box this week from one of our faculty members. Can you feel the love??

Photo Set

This group mural was created by students during the culminating event celebrating Black History Month at the Henry Ford Academy School for Creative Studies. It took the students 1.5 hours to complete from start to finish. During performances by other student groups, our students worked on the mural outside the view of the audience. When the performances were complete, the 20’ moveable wall was turned around for all to see. It was received with an audible gasp of wonderment and amazement at what the students had just completed. The mural has since been sealed and will be wrapped in plastic to preserve the student work.


"DNAW makes an effort to select instructors who will be a right fit for the kids. As a parent, I value the combination of great art instructors who understand the students from an artistic perspective, and the steady presence of a licensed social worker who understands the students from an emotional perspective."

Mrs. Linda Lewis, long time DNAW parent shared some wonderful words with us about the impact of the program on the lives of her sons. The eldest is now an undergraduate student at Bowling Green State University, the youngest is currently enrolled in DNAW.

Community Arts Partnerships Detroit

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Michigan Chronicle - DTE Energy Foundation Announces Winners of Its Summer Jobs Program Video Contest

"Detroiters Richard McCall, 17, and Elijah Ramey, 16, won first- and second-place awards respectively. Both of the short videos captured the gratifying experience of helping to paint a mural in the middle of Detroit’s Brightmoor community. McCall and Ramey were employed by the College for Creative Studies over the summer as part of the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program."

In addition to creating award-winning short videos, our students transformed the building you see in the background from a burnt-out abandoned eye-sore into a 360degree mural they designed themselves. You can see it for yourself at the corner of Lyndon & Burt in Detroit’s Brightmoor Neighborhood.


You’re invited to the Dedication of AAA Pocket Park! (Corner of Burt Road and Lyndon)

Sunday, August 4, 2013 4:00 - 7:00PM

Free - Refreshments will be served

We will be dedicating our new park AAA Pocket Park and the two new park statues “Mood Swing” by Tim Nichols and “Obelisk” by Chazz Miller.

In addition to the dedication of the park and two incredible art pieces there will be a youth performance concert featuring D.A.N.C.E (an award winning children’s/youth dance company and mentoring program), Detroit Youth Choir (a local citywide youth, drama and performance choir) and Kameron Johnson and Jazz Quintet (This young man has already achieved fame by performing with some of the greatest jazz artists in the world).

This is another special day for the residents of Brightmoor and the Brightmoor Community Center. Please RSVP your attendance as we will have reserve seating for our invited guests. AAA Pocket Park is a private park owned and managed by the Brightmoor Community
Center. The park is designed to provide both a place of serenity for residents and a small gathering venue for special community events.

Join us as we launch our “New Beginnings” at the Brightmoor Community Center. To  RSVP or for more information please call 313-531-0305. Thank you in advance for  your support and we look forward to your presence and our New Beginning.

Free Community Concert Hosted by Jamii Tata, The Detroit Youth Choir, D.A.N.C.E, Kameron Johnson and Jazz Quartet




Join us Thursday, July 18th from 2:30-4pm in celebration of what our students in the Detroit Neighborhood Arts Workshop Summer Art Intensive program accomplished!


Please join us for another youth art exhibition this Thursday — this time, in Brightmoor!image


Visual Artist & Beat Boxer - Stevie Soul is both.

We’re proud to have him as one of our teaching artists working in visual arts programs across Detroit.

Check out this article about Stevie by CBS Detroit: