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Please join us for another youth art exhibition this Thursday — this time, in Brightmoor!image

Photo Set

The students at Brightmoor made life sized sculptures of a Masai family this summer.

"There can be no doubt that the traditional way of life of the present day Masai is
coming to an end and it would be unwise to suggest that a pastoral existence on the slopes of Mount Meru in East Africa is an ideal to which all nations should aspire. Yet in their self-sustaining use of the environment, the Masai pastoralists embodied values which could serve as a model for a developed world heedlessly plundering natural resources at a frightening and progressive rate.”
- AFRICA: A Continent Revealed, Rene Gordon, St Martins Pr, 1993, p.186

  • First, students viewed a miniature “Masai” doll and other pictures of Masai families.
  • Then they took measurements from a large-scale painting of the doll.
  • Next, they decided the typical “Masai” pose that will best achieve effective balance and stability.

Working in groups, students worked on sections of the first figure - some worked on head, stand, body, etc… In the end, the various parts were assembled to make the final, life sized sculptures.